Edmonton Restaurants brings Chinese dining week chefs – Edmonton

He hopes a week-long food festival in Edmonton, China, will bring people from all over the city to explore new foods.

During the Chinese dining week, 18 restaurants offer a variety of priced meals. The event will run from January 13 to January 23.

One of the organizers, Sonia Nguyen, said: “Each restaurant offers special dining deals – $ 10 or $ 18 – and is a great way for Edmontonians to visit China.

There are many, many opportunities to try new foods.

This marks the fifth year of the annual event. This year, more attention was paid to social media to reach more people in the city.

“Many of these businesses have been around for years and years and years, and the last two years have certainly been difficult,” Nguyen said. “Most of these restaurants are moms and pop shops, so there is no huge online presence, no social media presence.

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“This event will help promote these places that are not normally available online.”

At the time of the outbreak, Chinese Canadians saw an increase in anti-Asian incidents and an economic impact on Chinese businesses.

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Cohen Saigon Restaurant General Manager Lou Kao said the outbreak has been a major concern for many Edmonton businesses.

“We do not currently have a lot of customers,” says Kao.

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“It was very difficult, but we tried hard to win,” he said. I think (meal week) is a good opportunity for everyone here in China.

According to Nguyen, all the restaurants included are following the CVD-19 protocol, and there are exit options.

“Obviously, with the epidemic in the last two years, local businesses have suffered a lot, so this is a way for us to bring trade back to China and see what people have to offer. He said.

“Most owners are friendly, they want to get to know customers, they want to get to know people.”

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Chinese dining week menus are available on the event website.

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2022 Edmonton China Eating Week Some restaurant owners are optimistic about the business.

2022 Edmonton China Eating Week Some restaurant owners are optimistic about the business.

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