Canadian residence after 15 years of Egyptian imprisonment

After serving a third of his life in an Egyptian prison on charges of espionage, Joseph Atatar returned to Canada on Friday morning.

“I’m back, I’m back to life,” Attar told Toronto News via Toronto via Skype. “For the first time in 15 years, I can take a hot shower alone. There is no cold water on my body. I can eat the right food, fresh food. I can sleep in my whole bed.

Atatar, a 45-year-old Canadian and Egyptian citizen, worked as a banker in Toronto in January 2007 and was arrested during a family visit to Cairo.

Atar, convicted of spying for Israel, was sentenced by an Egyptian court to 15 years in prison.

“My verdict was announced before I went to court,” Atatar said.

Atar is not guilty and has maintained his innocence for a long time. During the trial, he was accused of torturing Atar and his lawyer, according to Egyptian newspapers.

When journalists were allowed to appear in court for a short period of time, he said he had been electrocuted for four weeks and had to drink his own urine.

At a rare exchange in March 2007, Attar told reporters: “I am innocent. I made no mistake. And I have never cheated on Canada.

Formerly known as Mohammed El-Atar, Israel has been accused of collecting information about Egyptians and Arabs in Turkey and Canada, and has denied the allegations.

During the Atar hearing, the lawyer accused prosecutors of “correcting” their clients’ “homosexual behavior.” Atar converted from Islam to Christianity, which led to his accusation.

as if Friday Twitter“Canada has come to support Mr. Atathar and raise the issue at a high level,” said Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie.

Atar said he appreciated the recent efforts, but felt that the former Canadian government had been ignored and abandoned.

“To Stephen Harper and Mengistu, they left me completely in the woods,” Atar said on Friday.

Toronto’s Majid El Shafi, who was himself tortured in Egypt, has been campaigning for Atatar’s release since 2017. Today he and Attar met face to face for the first time.

“I hate to speak now. Our Canadian government focuses on celebrities rather than important Canadian issues,” El Shafi told CTV News via Skype.

Unfortunately, many of his parents and family here died while Attar was in prison, and many returned to Canada. He said that he was recovering from his injuries and wanted to forgive those who had wronged him. .

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