A Toronto doctor has given birth on a Qatar Airways flight

A Toronto travel doctor reiterated the topic of “travel medicine” when she gave birth at Qatar Airways last month.

Dr. Aisha Hatib, an assistant professor in family and community medicine at the University of Toronto, heard a flight attendant on a one-night flight from Doha, Qatar to Uganda, asking if he was there. There was a doctor on board. When she informed the staff member that she was a doctor, all she heard was “Go.”

Dr. Hatib said he was not sure what was going on until she arrived and immediately saw a woman lying on the floor and a baby coming.

Dr. Hatib: “We are in action. “I hold her in my arms to hold the baby late. Meanwhile, someone threw a glove at me.

Dr. Hatib added that she was not alone because she was a pediatrician and oncology nurse on the flight.

I have worked with some directors, such as Air Canada, Air Transit and the Emirates, because I have done a lot of research on air and flight and safety. So I have an idea of ​​how to manage things but this was different, ”she said.

“The baby is crying a lot and you know we took the birth control pill and cut the umbilical cord and gave it to the pediatrician.”

The mother was a migrant worker from Uganda, on her way home from work in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hatib said the mother was a little worried because she did not know how much prenatal care she had and that she was their first child.

“There are a lot of things that go wrong during childbirth, the baby may have complications, my mother may have complex problems, but she seems very calm and we have checked everything. Then the pediatrician brought the baby back and examined him. Baby looked good, ” said Dr. Hatib.

“Then I said, ‘Congratulations,’ and then the whole plane started clapping,” said Dr. Hatib, feeling really like something out of a movie.

The mother named her baby girl, Miracle Aisha, after Dr. Hatib.

During the five-hour flight, they were able to monitor the baby and its mother and place her in the business room where she began breastfeeding shortly after giving birth.

Dr. Hatib thanked the flight team and added that they had a doctor on the phone during childbirth.

Qatar Airways Customer Experience Chief Rossen Dimitrov said his staff were trained to deal with any emergency on the ship, including childbirth.

“They are trained in aviation medicine and first aid,” said Dimitrov. “They go through intensive training and if it happens we put all the equipment on the plane. But obviously, it is better to have a hospital facility and get the right medical team.”

Dimitrov told City News it was very rare to see a baby on a flight, but in the last 11 years 11 babies have been born on the plane.

“Therefore, as part of our protocol, we have a satellite connection with a doctor through Medlinink, so we can always talk to a doctor to guide us.” [crew] They took the training. We carry the necessary equipment on the plane. So we have a birth control kit on the plane.

On a short flight, an airplane member gave birth to a baby girl.

“One woman was in critical condition and one of our staff had no help from the medical team on the plane and gave birth to the baby himself.”

According to Dimitrov, any medical professionals who have been on the flight before verifying treatment have verified their credentials.

Asked if Dmitrov was offering anything, he said: “Just like the free flight for the mother and the baby, mothers do not want to encourage mothers to give birth on a plane, but they are organizing something special.”

He said they often had a deadline for a pregnant woman to fly and that she was alone at the border.

The most intriguing question is which nationality to take into account that the baby was born in an international climate.

“The current state of the aircraft, what is currently going on, will depend on the situation in the region,” Dimitrov said. “But I can tell you that the baby took his mother’s citizenship.”

Finally, they hope to reunite Dr. Hatib with the mother, but now they are thinking of creating an imaginary relationship between the doctor and the 12 cabinet members who helped give birth.

Dimitrov added that they were very proud of the ship.

“People don’t always see that. That’s why every airline is proud of its cabin staff community because it does so many amazing things every day.

Dr. Hatib says she met her mother on WhatsApp and even sent a few photos of the baby. She also said that he had given her a special gift.

“I had Aisha’s necklace I wore in Arabic and I gave her her name as a gift. So she always remembers that I was betrayed. ”

Dr. Aisha Hatib with her baby on Qatar Airways. Photo Credit Dr. Aisha Hatib

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